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What is the #GAevent? 


GA is an event focused on gamification in the realm of journalism, targeted mainly towards journalists interested in introducing gamified elements to their work and encouraging readers to become further involved with an article, increasing loyalty or simply exploring a new form of engagement.


This is an opportunity to keep readers engaged with a story, or on a site that keeps them on their toes through interactivity. Gamification doesn’t even have to be a literal game.


  • Building a community through the simple use of site badges, points and avatar creation can encourage people to comment, share and fill out a poll for future news pieces while giving them something to nurture and keep coming back to. 
  • Creating an investigative news piece or feature through choice progression, story-telling and exploration can keep the reader engaged despite the shortened attention span online
  • Making readers walk a virtual mile in the shoes of an individual can tell the story from a new perspective while getting the message across that there is more to a story than facts or that there are always two sides to an arguement.


These are just some basic applications of gamification.


Andrezj's cards used for the acitivty


What does this mean for journalism? Well, apart from livening up articles it also means improving loyalty. It offers the opportunity to tell important stories that contain valuable information regardless of its natural entertainment value (politics, economics and other subjects people tend to avoid due to complexity or simple boredom) and most interestingly – it is a chance to tell the story from a new perspective. 



Live-blog : 

You can check out the live-blog of the event on this link made via storify.




Speakers and their slides : 

Below are links to each speaker’s presentation slides, their images and tweets from the event as requested:





His presentation, slides, tweeted quotes and images from the event are available here.







@paulbradshaw )

 His presentation slides, tweets and images from the event are available here










His tweeted quotes, images and the first gamified activity of the event are available here








#GAEVENT Gamification AugmentationStephen Priestnall (@movonix )

His presentation slides, tweeted quotes and images from the event are available here









Event gallery :  

Gamification Augmentation event Gallery

Images taken by Mia Cheng


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