Secret Sauce Conference 4 – Liveblog

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The fourth instalment of the Secret Sauce Conference has just landed. Focussed on growth hacking and surviving as an entrepreneur. We had experts from various start-ups come together to share their unique and insightful advice.

As usual, I was in charge of live-tweeting and online community management. Tweeting as both myself and @secretsauceuk, I used Storify to gather the tweets of the day so that everyone can benefit from our fantastic speakers.

The live-blog is broken up into two parts:

Part one for those that want to learn about public speaking, pitching to investors, growth hacking, SEO and user experience.


Part two includes: correctly using influencers, avoiding ‘crap’ lawyers, branding yourself and the secrets to becoming internet famous.

If you enjoyed the live-blog be sure to come to our next Secret Sauce Conference, after all, there is only so much advice that can be fit into a tweet. Remember: the most successful startups are those that have found their own secret sauce to success.



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*This is a repost of the original, fourth Secret Sauce Conference article that was deleted after technical issues*


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