Second speaker: Nick Webber and the #GAevent activity

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Nick Webber was the second speaker the Gamification Augmentation event. He talked to us about the video-games and their amazing, often surprising feats that inspire and guide gamification.


Researcher at BCU and specialised in online gaming, cultural history and the music industry. “Nick Webber’s research investigates the relationship between technology and culture, focusing in particular on online game communities, history and the music industries.


His recent work has included examinations of power relationships in online games, interrogation of the ‘cultural moment’ of rock ‘n’ roll (with Tim Wall), and explorations of modern music consumption. He was part of the Birmingham City University team involved in the NESTA-funded Culture Cloud project.”


GAevent’s activity:


Following Nick’s talk on games, we got permission from Andrezj Marzewski to use his fantastic creative thinking cards as an activity and change of pace to get us thinking and talking to each other.


The cards are available here, we highly recommend you check out his fantastic site which is very friendly to those still learning about gamification.

Gamification Augmentation’s activity

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