Podcast: Creating a start-up in the journalism sector

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In this podcast Vicent Dignan (@vdignan) alongside  Neil Murray (@neilswmurray) share their advice on breaking through to the world of start-ups in the journalism sector and what to keep in mind when doing so.


Vincent is the founder of Planet Ivy and Magnific,  while Neil is founder of the Nordic Web and currently resides with Tech.EU, some of the questions they help answer includes: 


  • How to stand out (04:47)
  • The current state of online sustainability (08:23)
  • The issues and tips to advertising (14:22)
  • Will journalists need to face their fear of numbers? (17:35)
  • Sins to avoid committing with your creation(21:06)
  • The commitment you need to have for your start-up (26:38)
  • First steps to take, knowing what they know now (29:33)




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