Newspix: “Passively remind the reader that you exist”

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It’s no secret that online journalists are struggling to remind readers to check out the latest articles, and this comes to no surprise with the amount of content and entertainment available on that very same browser.


This is where Newspix comes in, a browser extension that brings an article to you every time you do the inevitable – open up a new tab, and it does this without actually interrupting you.


Newspix alters the browser so that every time you open up a new tab, rather than being faced with a blank, dull page you’ll receive a powerful image from your favorite site with the latest headlines.



You can click to visit an article that caught your interest or skim over the headline as you type and load up the website you were originally intending to visit – no interruptions.


Catherine D’Ignazio from the Emerson College Engagement Lab and the source of this idea, alongside Matthew Carroll, who runs the Future of News Initiative, created Newspix to bring back “passive marketing” to news sites.



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Matthew said the need for Newspix comes down to the fact that :“For modern news sites there is no passive marketing going on,” unlike the front pages of newspapers that have a physical, eye-catching presence on newsstands and public transportation.


SentinelSource from the Keene Sentinel were the first news organisation to test the beta and were very successful in encouraging readers to visit articlesAccording to Matthew the biggest challenge was encouraging the more casual readers to download it.



To try out Sentinel’s Newspix extension download it here.



To have more questions answered about Newspix, listen to the full interview here.




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