Mother of Crohn’s sufferer furious after receiving a “thoughtless, carbon-copy” response to her letter to the Prime Minister

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Nicola Price, mother of a Crohn’s sufferer, from Surrey was furious after she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and received a “carbon-copy” response from the Department of Health to a letter she had sent two years ago, the response “even had the gall” to refer her to information she had already included.


Nicola is a key member of the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine group, made up of volunteers aiming to support Professor John Hermon-Taylor from Kings College London and his development of the MAP vaccine to cure Crohn’s disease – a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease.  She sent the letter in July and received the response on the 24th August.


Nicola said:

“It is more or less the exact same letter I received from the Dept of Heath nearly two years ago when my involvement with the vaccine began. The PM’s office’s 3 weeks of ‘consideration’ clearly only resulted in their passing my letter back to the Dept of Health and regurgitating a standard response. I am furious”


The MAP vaccine developed by Professor Hermon-Taylor has been a controversial topic in the scientific community for years. Several studies exist that support the theory that the MAP bacteria is an indirect cause of the disease, but according to the Department of Health there isn’t sufficient evidence. 


Nicola raising money for the MAP Vaccine


She added:

“They have obviously not read what I wrote in my carefully crafted letter. George Freeman [who responded]  had the gall to explain to me what Crohn’s is and even pointed me towards where I could download the minutes of the ACDP’s meeting, when I had enclosed a hard copy of that very review with my own letter!”


The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens, ACDP, meeting she was referred to was initially flagged up by Nicola herself to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt’s, office in November 2013. 


Nicola quickly wrote back to George Freeman demanding a better response. She said: “He begins ‘Dear Nicola’ and ends ‘I hope this reassures your constituent..’ such a very poor and thoughtless letter. Not even proofread.”







You can view the letters sent below:



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[expand title=”Mr. Freeman’s response to Nicola’s letter: Part 1″]

Mr Freeman's response 1

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[expand title=”Nicola’s frustrated response to the letter”]

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