Journalism tool: Clammr, the Vine of audio

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You probably already have your favourite audio editor but Clammr offers something new: a way to highlight the best bits of your podcast to make it stand out on Twitter.

Clammr allows you to select up to 24 seconds of a podcast or interview and post that clip on social media with a direct link to the original to attract listeners.


It is to audio what Twitter is to words, Instagram to images and Vine to video.


But it is also similar to tools like TwitShot, OneShot, Canva and Chisel, which help create visual cues to quickly promote content on Twitter.


Clammr plays to the fact that brief content on Twitter works, and strong quotes easily attract retweets.




How can I use it?

Journalists can use the tool to:


  • Highlight a powerful quote that stood out and would tempt readers to click through
  • Use it as a quick summary of what the podcast or interview will contain
  • Or use it as a teaser for both pre and post publication


Why should I use it?

One simple reason is that it is visually pleasing.


As users scroll down their Twitter stream, Clammr automatically plays, allowing the audio to visually stand out like a GIF.


And with bloggers and journalists often having to post an article multiple times on Twitter, Clammr provides a way to highlight new quotes to listen to.


How Clammr works


You can choose to upload an mp3 file directly (a good choice for making teasers if a podcast or interview has not yet been published) or paste the MP3 URL (including those from hosting services like SoundCloud and Audioboom).


Next, you select the 24 seconds or less you want to pull; publish it; then share via Twitter.


The link to the entire, original piece (if you used the URL option) is automatically included. The video below shows the entire process in two minutes.





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